White Rocks

"Growing up, it was always my dream to do something that made a difference in people's lives. Discovering hairdressing and seeing how transforming someone's look can really empower that person in their day-to-day lives has been more inspiring and fulfilling to me than I ever could've dreamed.


It's important to me that my clients feel that their concerns are being heard, addressed and that we work together to give a cut, color, and style that works best for their day-to-day lives. Throughout my career as a hairstylist, a common struggle for clients is that their hair takes too long to grow, the density isn't what they wish it would be, can't get their hair to hold a style, etc. After a lot of research, education, and hands-on training, I am proud to be an NBR hair extension trained and certified stylist.


It has been one of the greatest joys in my career to give my clients the hair they always dreamed of. I have a true passion for this hand-tied extension technique(NBR). I love giving clients high-end colors with a low-maintenance lifestyle. I do this through techniques like balayage, babylights, shadow roots, ombre, and blended customized looks to grow out seamlesslyI like to think of what I do as bringing a person's inner beauty out, one strand at a time."

                                                                  -Ashlee Vance

ashlee vance hair extension certified